When I look deep into your eyes I become hypnotised.

I see further than the surface, it feels  like looking into another realm.

Your soul emerges, your aura shines bright, I am captured by all your beauty.

You are all that is pure, life gleams from with in you and fills all that is space.

I cannot bear being apart, I miss you.

I love you.

One’s Hope

I look upon the sea of the human race and wonder what we have done, what we are doing and what will become.

Why do I see all the people separated, all the senseless fighting and negativity?

Why do I hear about war and other tragedies, such as the destruction of other life and our home?

Are we sick? What have we done? Why do we not realise that we are all one?

For the stars shine bright, the sun rises and sets in beautiful fashion, where is our passion?

Is it long lost or forgotten? We have chosen this life, but why? We still have the choice to change.

I sometimes curl up in a ball and cry. Not because I have lost hope, far from it. I just feel.

I feel the world in pain, I am it’s voice and I will cry until my lungs cannot take it any longer. I will never surrender.

Until the day my body fades intro the ground (as I give myself back to the earth I have grown out of), I will continue my quest.

For unconditional love amongst us all, for the common truth we should guide ourselves with and for the warm, pure happiness we can share.

1 ❤


I See You

Looking at your smile from a far, I see you.

Looking deep in to your eyes, I see you.

I see something not made of matter, can you understand?

I see you for who you are.

Why cannot others see what I see, feel what I feel.

Am I alone in this?

Do I sound delusional? Have I lost all touch with reality?

If I am not mad and this is real, then what is it in you that I see?

You radiate, your aura shines. I see you, your joy, your love, your soul.

Don’t be afraid, I see you.


The Way #4: Doodles about Life

Do we all have the feeling of certainty about our lives and knowing where we stand with our environment? Or who we are and what life is about? I sometimes find that it is not the case with some human beings. It seems to me that a large number of us do not grab life for what it is and really can be. I quite often wonder why this is so and have come to the conclusion that issues are sometimes routed within us, perhaps even, as deep as the sub-conscious.

The quickest advice one could give is to be in total acceptance of yourself and your surroundings, be it people or an empty house. You will feel in control, in balance and at peace with all problems because you will have the capability to deduce quicker and therefore solve with ease. You will achieve more and set higher goals for yourself, those being the ones you have chosen to do. I can never stress enough that having choice is as good as a superpower. We can always choose a different way of going about life, we need only question it. Align your self with positive principles, it doesn’t matter which. What worked for me (the reason I am writing this blog) is being in line with love, truth and happiness. They may seem basic and that is why it works. It is easy to be happy because we can choose to be, no matter what situation you are in, you can choose to find a solution.

I leave you with love


The Way #3: An Achievable Realm

Off I go into the vastness of the mind. Where will it lead me?

My thoughts are eradicated and I am left in blank. Where have I been taken?

It is peaceful and quiet here, there seems to be nothing. Yet I moved forward. Where am I?

This place, dark and light combined is beyond tranquil, I feel like never before. What is this sensation?

Reborn and refreshed, I awake as if it had been a dream. I am however, certain that it was not.

For it feels real, as real as the physical does, yet I cannot speak the words to describe the vibe.

Perhaps it is beyond our dimension, the spiritual realm has yet to be discovered by most before it is accepted.

Inner peace and outer peace is achieved, I am forever grateful for it.

This way is a capability which all beings have. It is already there but some just do not realise it. It is a state of mind and being which is tranquil and positive. Align yourself with certain principles such as Love, Truth and Happiness and you will succeed in reaching the secret of life.


For You My Love

The nightingale sings its song, while the sunset bleeds over the mountain. The environment around me is as beautiful as can be. My heart throbs as my senses are enriched to a peak. This is life, flowing delicately through me… comforting me. I then remember love, for my emotions are touched. And then you my sweetness… and all you bring to me. Not so long ago did external forces split us apart, their aim to sever our connection, the one we built over our time spent together. We forged something that many do not understand, for they simply do not know how to be. Our bond, though at a distance, is unbreakable and will live on forever. Yet I feel sorrow, sorrow and a pain that I cannot describe through words. Perhaps my screams and tears will show the rest what they have done, believe me I have tried. Tried and failed as they watch on, live on without remorse. Pff, well how can they show a hint of compassion?! They are happy living in ignorance, not a care in the world as long as they are untouched. We have been disappointed by those close to us and cruelly hurt by those we thought to be our family and friends.

Despite this we have overcome the barriers set before us and cleared the hurdles by miles as we show love, better yet, we are love. We will be together one day soon and we will rejoice in happiness, the same one we shared all those months ago. Chin up, I love you.

Dedicated to Mirella Maria Hoelstad

We are all Earthlings

We are all Earthlings..

Please follow this link to the blog “onethousandsingledays.” The post is a documentary called Earthlings. This documentary is the most capturing and informative one out there about what goes on up the food chain. It is funny that I have come across this again as the first time was unbearable to watch. Tears ran down my eyes half way into the film as I came to the realisation that human behaviour has caused so much pain to other life. This is one example of that. My perspective changed forever.


Introducing The Not For Profit Sponsor

As you may have noticed, there is a sponsor on the sidebar of this blog. The European Kids Association is a local community in the area of Javea, Spain. Their aim is to aid the youth by facilitating education and job opportunities to them and bringing everyone together through different arts such as music and theatre. They also hold fundraisers for charity which also strengthens the value of a community. They are currently relatively small but day by day, working harder and faster, they are growing and will continue to grow, spreading their message of positivity and making us all realise that even in today’s society, under the current conditions of our environment, there will always be those willing to help.

Clicking on the sponsor badge will take you to their facebook. Please have a browse at their content, their many groups and like their page if you support such associations. Make their voice heard.

1 ❤

The Way #2: Call Me Crazy

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s a funny world we live in, there is no question about that. We are faced with situations every waking moment, even sometimes when we dream. To deal with these circumstances in our lives is such a great burden to carry it makes me question my life on a daily basis. I ask, in my own thoughts, about my self too. What do I do now? It sounds so simple to answer that a laugh creeps out.. you idiot Dan. Well, not really. Asking myself that same question over the past year has enabled me to become who am I today, a stronger better person than I even was a day ago. And I’ll be even stronger tomorrow, or after any decision I must make. When one decides what to do they are given power through choice, and with that choice one can be who one wants to be. We only have to see it.

I was given my name, Daniel, even before the life in the womb was fully developed. Then and there a choice is taken away (it may sound silly but this is on a basic level), until the law permits us to change it when we are legally allowed to. That name, put into my consciousness as a baby and child has been the literal version of me. You must understand that language (though it has its benefits), and from this bureaucracy, is a main essence in our world at this present moment. Looking back at history we can see it has also landed our world in some tight spots (This will be for another day as there is much to say about this too). Anyhow, coming back to the literal version of us, we are called many things in life, some are nice and some offensive, it all depends on the interpretation. The point is not to take these to heart as there is so much more to a person and life. To YOU.

Make the choices as best you can and carry along your path singing and dancing for no one and nothing can stop you from being you and doing what you truly want to do. It’s your life, don’t talk about it, live it, experience, feel the energy and enjoy because for now, in our present day, most don’t live long enough to see life for what it is and to BE life.

1 ❤